Stuffed Peppers with vegetables

A delicious recipe for stuffed peppers with vegetables lightly cooked for those who follow a healthy diet.ΓΕΜΙΣΤΑ2



12 pieces of small red “Florina” peppers

12 pieces of green peppers

4 medium-sized pumpkins that are grated and left to drain on salt for an hour

3 medium-sized eggplants cut in small cubic pieces

1 chopped green pepper

2 grated garlic cloves

1 parsley batch

3 medium-sized dry onions cut on the multi

2 batches of chopped fresh onions

A bit of fresh mint (optional)

600 grams of ground beef


freshly grounded pepper

olive oil

1 large and juicy fresh tomato cut on the multi



Knead all the ingredients together thoroughly and stuff the peppers. Rinse some olive oil on top, as well as pepper, salt, and just a few drops of water and bake them in the oven.