1. Pumpkin soup
  2. Vegetable soup (Florida)
  3. Nest of crispy sheet of pastry filled with Ice Berg, green, red, and yellow chopped peppers, avocado, parmesan cheese, sesame and a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar and thyme
  4. Grilled vegetables (Italian), eggplant, zucchini, colorful peppers and “plevrotous” mushrooms with truffle oil, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar
  5. Crepes with various vegetables and graviera cheese
  6. Crepes with spinach
  7. Patties with peppers and onions
  8. Spinach “gratin”
  9. Bedding with aromatic basmati risotto garnished with cashews, almonds, pistachios and sauce mayonnaise with lime and saffron
  10. Pens with olives and cherry tomatoes
  11. Pens with eggplant sauce
  12. Linguine pasta with sauce and fresh vegetables
  13. Tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice, pine nuts and raisins
  14. Homemade stuffed vine with rice and fresh herbs
  15. Vegetable “moussaka”
  16. Lentil soup with bay leaf oregano, chopped onions and freshly ground pepper
  17. Homemade chickpea soup
  18. Pasta with vegetables
  19. Spinach into small nests of parmesan cheese
  20. Artichokes with peas, carrot and dill
  21. baked potatoes (whole and sliced in half) stuffed with green onion, dill, mint, graviera cheese and mashed potatoes
  22. “Piperonati” with tomato sauce baked in the oven
  23. “Tabouli” (parsley salad)
  24. Mushrooms stuffed with herbs and tomato sauce (whole, round, large)
  25. Small patties with olives and tomato
  26. “Metiteraneo” tart with various spices, colorful peppers, fresh “plevrotous” mushrooms, oregano, olives and olive paste
  27. Linguine pasta with three kinds of mushrooms, mozzarella and arugula
  28. Mediterranean vegetables with thyme and goat cheese
  29. Millefeuille made out of vegetables, mozzarella, pepper sauce, and pesto
  30. Lasagna Mediterranean quartet with vegetables (eggplant, plefrotous, peppers, zucchini) and mozzarella
  31. Salad with spinach, arugula, purslane, parmesan cheese, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, sesame seeds, croutons, and vinaigrette sauce